5 Steps to Get You that Promotion

kk2 - 5 Steps to Get You that Promotion

Most of us long to reach certain career goals. We all want to move up in the world and prove that we are good at our jobs. We all want to make an impact and feel good about ourselves. A promotion is one of the ways that we get there. We have five steps or ways to get you the promotion you want, but before we get to them, you need to make sure that boss is aware that you would like to be considered for a different or higher position. If they don’t know that you want a change or a move upward, you may never get it.

Once you have made your desire for a change clear in a non-demanding and simply informative manner, follow these tips.

1. Perform your best everyday

If you consistently perform your best you will be noticed. Employers need people who are consistent and reliable and are guaranteed to do the job and get it done. If your boss knows that you want a promotion and he can see that you are really working hard to get there, you are paving the way to your future.

kk1 - 5 Steps to Get You that Promotion

2. Improve your skills and broaden your knowledge

Never stop learning. It doesn’t matter if you learn more about your existing position or your future position or both just keep learning. Know what your colleagues are doing and learn from them. Do your own research and go on short courses that will make you perform better at your job. In many jobs, the more qualified you are or the more courses you attend and the more skills you learn is a definite benefit to get you that promotion. People with a certain skill level are paid more and will likely be considered for promotion first. So, learn as much as you can and use it.

3. Nurture relationships and helps others succeed

You won’t be doing yourself any favors if you are a bad colleague and a bad employee. Instead of being the office jerk and disrespectful to your boss, opt for the other end of the spectrum. Build relationships with your colleagues, managers, and your boss. Don’t be like a puppy or a push-over. Just build and nurture good relationships in your workplace and you will reap the benefits. If you are respected and liked and known to be good with your colleagues, you are more likely to receive that promotion.

4. Don’t step on others to get there

This links very closely to point 3. If you are going to use back-stabbing, gossip, manipulation, and stepping on your colleagues to get ahead, you may be doing more harm than good. Sure, you might just get the position you want, but you won’t have a lot of respect from anyone you work with. Without people who want to work with and for you, you will have a tough job. If this is your go-to method, you may want to reconsider.

kk2 - 5 Steps to Get You that Promotion

5. Become irreplaceable

Make yourself indispensable and irreplaceable. If you do your job so well that they are reluctant to put someone else in your place, you’re doing good. You are more likely to be noticed and considered for promotions when you are an asset that cannot be lost.

It’s actually quite simple to get a promotion. It’s not easy and will take a lot of hard work from day one, but it is not a complicated process. Be the best, keep learning, and you will soon get that promotion.

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