5 Steps to Become a Better Person

happy - 5 Steps to Become a Better Person

Do you feel like you can make a bigger difference in the world? Or maybe you just want to do some nice things? If you want to be a better person towards those around you, we have five simple ways to do that.

Be more considerate – Being considerate is something that is very much lacking in today’s society. Everyone seems to be out for themselves and no-one else matters. However, this is not necessarily true. We all get very caught up in the busy modern world and the race to make ends meet. Luckily, being considerate doesn’t have to take out extra time in your day. You can just start changing how you treat people and how you act around them. Before you do something, evaluate whether it may be disturbing or offensive to those around you. Put yourself in other people’s shoes more often to see what they see and feel what they feel.


happy2 - 5 Steps to Become a Better Person

Always be kind – Kindness costs you nothing. Kindness comes from the heart and we all have it. It is simple and easy to be kind. Instead of being impatient, rude, or aggressive, rather be kind. Help people when they least expect it. Give gifts just because. Compliment your friends, family, co-workers and even strangers. It will instantly brighten up their day.

Do simple things for others – This step ties in with being kind. You don’t need money to help someone out. Help a neighbour move or mow the lawn for an elderly person or help someone with their bags, etc. If you can help with small monetary things you can buy someone a bus ticket or a cup of coffee just because. There are many small things that you can do for others that will change their day for the best.

Donate to a cause – Donate your time or money or both to a cause of your choice. There are many to choose from including child abuse, animal shelters, gender equality, clinics, safe havens, cancer research, etc. There are very many. If you cannot donate money, donate your time and become a volunteer.

happy - 5 Steps to Become a Better Person

Smile more – Smiling is contagious. Smile at everyone you meet. Smile especially when you are feeling down. It will make you feel better. Your smile is a very powerful weapon and you should use it as much as possible. The world can be a dark and dreary place, but if you smile at one person and make their day, they will do the same and you will start a chain reaction of positivity.

Being a good person is inherent to humans. We tend to forget because life throws us too many punches or because we get too busy. It doesn’t take much to find the good in yourself. Just follow these steps and see how your world changes.

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