5 Steps to Saving for Your Family Holiday

img2 - 5 Steps to Saving for Your Family Holiday

The year has been rough and everything just seems to get more expensive. So, how do you get to take a holiday and still make it through the month? The answer is saving. Saving can be tough, but with our five-step plan, you will find it easier and even fun.

savings - 5 Steps to Saving for Your Family Holiday

Reduce your daily living expenses – Step one is to reduce your daily living expenses by simply cutting out unnecessary costs. When you look at your day-to-day and monthly expenses, you will probably find many places where you are overspending or just spending unnecessarily. Places, where you can usually cut, includes petrol costs by taking public transport, food expenses by eating out less and cooking at home, entertaining at home instead of going to pubs or theme parks, saving on utilities by being more green, etc.

Get the whole family involved – Saving for the family holiday will be easier if everyone pitches in. If each member of the family saves a little bit every day or every week, you will soon see a difference. Have a jar for change and saving cash and see how it fills up.

Get more income – The best way to save more money is to have more money. So, get a part-time job or let the kids offer simple services to neighbors and friends and make some extra money like that. Not only will they learn new things and gain experience in working, but they will also earn some money for themselves and be able to add to your holiday savings. They can do things like wash cars, mow lawns, clean houses, walk dogs, etc.

Place reminders somewhere visible – Use visual reminders so your family can always keep in mind what you are saving for. Have a picture of where you want to go or what you want to do in the areas where you spend the most time, like the family room and the kitchen. You can also have a picture on the savings jar.

img2 - 5 Steps to Saving for Your Family Holiday

Make it fun – Make saving fun by playing games like who can find the most change in the house or who can save the most money in a week and things like that. You can have small rewards for saving the most or whatever game you play.

Saving for a family holiday can be tough. It is usually quite expensive to accommodate everyone and get there and back. If you involve the whole family, you will get there faster.

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